Cycle 2: Day 20 & Day 21 - Completion!

Monday, January 30, 2012

We have officially ended chemo as today is Day 21! :D Cycle 1 and Cycle 2 have indeed past by really fast and it was an amazing journey! Simply because we lived on God's grace and His miracles :) He never failed to be with us each step of the way and carried us on His wings when we have no strength left.

God never let us down and indeed Amazing Grace :) He always sent us angels to put a smile on our face and warm up our hearts =) You are my dear friends and family are our God sent angels...your kind words, thoughts, support, encouragements & prayers have really lifted us up. =) What amazing people we have in our lives and we really thank God for all of you!

A lot of times, we didn't need anything elaborate of eloquently phrased paragraphs...just a simple line or two of you are being thought of and kept in our prayers are more than enough :) Encouragements such as your lives have inspired us or we admire your courage and sending you our love really brightens up our day. =)
And how marvelous you were at doing just that! :D

Even now that I am in a foreign land to call home, with skype, Facebook, emails & THE internet I always felt at home :) with all you wonderful people reminding me that I am not alone in this journey =) Though far and wide this world may be, a click here and a click there, I have you all to stand by me :)

We are very touched by your sincerity =) and even in this cold winter (it's getting colder by the day! It's -9 now..gonna hit -20) our hearts are warm by you :)

We did a little video for all of you but I have yet to edit it was caught up with my Triops still :p Now there's 3 sole survivors! And they are getting bigger :D I will post the video up by tomorrow hopefully!

Love you all!!

ps: Pavel is doing just fine! :) Body is slowly recovering, the bruise (which I suspect extravasation) on his arm is slowly fading away and the pain is much lesser now.
Gonna be visiting the dentist tomorrow morning, will update you guys on that.

We started juicing already with our new juicer! :D gotta show you guys our new kitchen gadgets soon ;) Today Pavel had: tomatoes, orange, kiwi, celery, cucumber, apple - all in one. haha cause usually we always have over supply of vegs and fruits, so we decided to clear it up ;D

Sometimes winter can get into your bones but we thank God that we have you to warm us up =)

UPDATE: video is now live :)

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