Pavel's tooth & everyone's sickish!

Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Yay good news: Pavel's tooth is quite ok :)

This is what I got from Pavel -
The dentist said that the tooth is already dead for a long time but there's something inside the she drilled a bit hole, put some liquid in and foam and clean it. This hole needs to be there for awhile and he needs to go to the dentist 2x week to clean the hole.

Because the body thinks that the tooth is not suppose to be it's rejecting it. Now the treatment is to make the body understand that the tooth IS suppose to be there..

This treatment takes about 2 - 4 weeks, it really depends...

Huh? Got such treatment??
Why is your body so complicated sometimes?

I don't know it's broken..

kisses my army boy's head and laugh =D

smiles and continue to work =)

OK today I tried sprouts! It was really nice until all 3 (mum-in-law, Pavel & I) feels sickish now -_-
Pavel threw up a lot! and was down with slight temperature... XD and diarrhea too

Mum-in-law has stomache...

Me - feeling kinda woozy -_- & had diarrhea

I just basically followed what was written on the recipe...I soaked the beans, for the whole sprout up this morning, so I prepared it for time I'm gonna steam it for like 5 mins or let it sprout longer -_-

I just googled up and eating raw sprouts that are contaminated can cause such symptoms...hmm may be the beans are not clean -_-

oh much for sprouts!