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Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Here's the post on the sperm bank that I mentioned earlier that I would write :)

Well the only time I've seen a sperm bank was on TV, typical of how we learn and get to know things ;)

This is not much of a difference from what you've seen in the TV too...

We went early in the morning, as ours was a last minute appointment...since our blood result was late...we only had 1 week to decide on everything (to chemo or not to chemo) seen the nurses and just had to wait out turn...Mostly young couples were there, Pavel commented that that's obvious you don't need it when you're old. True true =)

Pavel was quite anxious...who wouldn't be?...when you're EXPECTED to perform and deliver results into a small tub XD And this was like our backup just in case chemo kills off everything...and this would be our only hope. Both of us like kids enough to have our own :) not now but in the future...
We have already planned not to have kids during our first year of marriage and with chemo, it kinda just falls in nicely..although with chemo it's 2 years.

Back to the sperm bank:

We got our room, just a small room, with a bed, heater, chair, sink..and of course scantily dress pictures on the walls and mags by the bed. Just like in the TV ;)

Earlier in the morning, we were laughing in the car joking about it...and I told Pavel, remember don't spill it.

Without going into details :p

He really did spill it onto bed...and of course he had to scoop it back into the tub...XD

Well we checked it in with the nurse waited for our results, if it's any good since it was on the bed...
Results were back: sperm count in a good range -  i can't recall the numbers. Usable for freezing.

It's a good thing we know a little bit about sperms because prior to sperm banking you're not suppose to ejaculate for 2 - 3 days. In order to have optimum results. And you're suppose to bank in 5 times...we didn't have time for 5 times and our doctor didn't tell us about it. We read it on the paper that the nurse gave us during our waiting time in the sperm bank.

So we scheduled on our own to back again 3 days after, Monday morning. And the sperm bank doctor was kind enough to accomodate us. =) Monday morning was our first chemo already, so we had to do it in the morning before the chemo.

And the sperm bank was like 45mins away from our hospital for chemo...

So our 2nd banking was much easier and faster :) Since Pavel already knew what to expect...he wasn't anxious about it :)
Results of the 2nd banking were good as well :)

Even with a ball less, it does affect the sperm count ;) that is before chemo.

Now the sperms are all cryogenically preserved in liquid nitrogen tanks...sounds pretty cool eh? :D

hmm i wonder if we ever conceive through these sperms...would the kids prefer cold than the heat? ;)


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