Interesting Sights in Prague

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Well apart from the usual stuff like Charles Bridge and Prague's Castle, here's some of what I find interesting in Prague =)

In no particular order..

NOTE: If you're a student, always bring your along your STUDENT CARD!! Czech is a student-friendly place :) Nearly everywhere you go, they have special discounts for'em ;)

1. Prague's Zoo

A whole day trip. I love this place :)
Perfect when you're bored of historically architecture richness and overdose XD

2. Reon Argondian's Gallery
Full of mystical creations. A mystically romantic spot ;)
It's located below Petrin's tower, nearby the cable car about 200 - 300m away.

3. Prague Castle's park
(north side of the castle)
A serene park filled with little surprises!~ And it's a really big park and lots of places in which you can wonder around.

4. Mirror room
under Petrin tower - good fun =)

5. Night view of Prague is a must!!!

6. ┼átef├ínik Observatory
500m South of Petrin tower
it's really cool to see the universe =D

8. Kampa
The island which houses the contemporary art you'll find unique pieces around the place

9. Krizik's Fountain 
Awesome date night :D
Musical fountains with lights, videos and even performances!

Prague is all about romance and when you're tired with it, it's time for some good laughter and squeals!
Super cool bob sleighs kinda thing. Really good fun!! =D

Lots of things in Prague to check out :) 


curiositykills said...

We love prague! Went to cesky krumlov and love love the place!:)

Fionna, please blog more, please blog on all those that u have promised to:) i'll be waiting

Darling, U are doing a great job! Hope all is well, big hugs

Fionna Tan said...

;) cesky krumlov is indeed a nice place..and there's a lot more nice places in Czech too :D

haha will do will do

xx thanks! ;)