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Saturday, February 4, 2012

120 days!

A lil' note that I posted on FB:
120 days seem like a long time...
but we have lived it through together
120 days...if anyone would have told me what was installed
i wouldn't have thought it was possible 
to keep the smile 
to keep the faith
but hey 120 days
we have lived it through together =)
Pavel Bednar
ps: i didn't count :p http://fionnawyandpavel.ourwedding.com/

It was really nice to visit our wedding website again :) and it keeps track for me on how many days we've been married!

How lovely it was and how lovely it is! ;D

I'm already thinking about doing something in one of our anniversaries :D Gonna be fun!
I just love parties! And organizing one is just as much fun! :)

Oh now I've moved up to The Nest instead of The Knot :) A really handy website =)

Looks pretty much like me :)