The Epic Story begins...

Saturday, December 17, 2011

Our encounter with cancer...

It all started 2 weeks after our KL wedding this helps us to remember our wedding date and how many days we're already married! 71 days to be exact ;D a lump was found in the right testicle, although some discomfort was already felt a few weeks before..brushing it off thinking that it would go away.

Seeing that the lump was actually growing in size, a little research was done - infection/knotted/cancer

Off to the doctors...went to see a normal GP (bad mistake - as he didn't even do an ultrasound seeing that he didn't have any fever or any other infection like symptoms - antibiotics for 5 days were prescribed)
GP: if it doesn't get better, you need to see a specialist.

I though that since he is a GUY, he would know better. WRONG. Fionna must always trust her research and instincts more...than again maybe I kinda wish the doctor would be right and cancer would not be an option...

Thinking of seeing a govt. specialist but eventually we went to the private sector. Govt. department asked him to wait for a month -_- I seriously think our govt. hospitals are screwed up in this way. They should at least check on him first.

As the specialist examine him, the worst conclusion was related.

Urologist: It's very likely a tumor. Cancer would be it. Due to the fact that antibiotics didn't show any improvement and furthermore there's no infection like symptoms (ie fever, constan pain).
Do you have kids?

Us: No.

Urologist: Well than you best be looking to store your sperm in the sperm bank. As chemo would be done as well. So you can save the sperm for future usage.

Us - pretty much stunned...I knew this was one of the possibilities but to hear it coming our from the specialist...made it seem so much worst. We definitely was not prepared for it.

We left the doctor's office...sadden...shock...we needed time to collect ourselves together...

to be continued...

Note: I will try to write a concise post on Testicular Cancer, Healthy Diet, Sperm Bank - so that all of you out there are made aware of it. After all I've done a lot of research and reading already. If you need more info on top of it, please feel free to drop me a note.