in a foreign land called Czech

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

so many things have occurred in life...i feel that sometimes i really need a hardisk to store up all the happenings and a smart system to be able to retrieve it anytime :) i guess the best is friends...the people in my life could remember so much more than I do! reasoning would be - there's too much going on in life :p as I savor every moment of it...the old ones just got archived somewhere XD

anyway now i'm in a foreign land called Czech but not so foreign as it is the home to my beloved husband! *i have to start using husband somewhere :D* 

it is a nice country definitely...although my love for my country still stands =) slowly I'm starting to meet nice & friendly people on my own..even though language bars up...i think my charm still works ;)
and i'm learning more Czech as the day passes

simple phrases for those of you traveling to Prague:-

Hello - ahoj (a-hoy: just like the way the sailors say it ;)

Please - prosím (proh-seem)

Thank You - děkuji (jeh-ku-ee)

BEER - pivo (pi-vo) no doubt one of the best in the world :D

Water - voda (vo-dah) 
most of the water bottled are carbonated, if you don't fancy it like me look out for this sign 
on the bottle ne perlivý (non carbonated)
Pub - hospoda (hos-poh-dah) 
not only do they have beers but good cheap food too!

Some simple facts about Czech Republic:-
- it's land locked
- borders 4 countries: Poland (NE), Slovakia (SE), Germany (NW) & Austria (SW)
- everything is in Czech, LITERALLY every movie & book that comes in here is translated into Czech despite having a population of only 10.5M & with Prague 1.2M
FYI: Malaysia 28M and KL 2.7M
- Prague is one of the top 10 most romantic cities in the world ;)

will post interesting stuff to see and do in Prague next time :D