Cycle 2 Day 17 - 19

Saturday, January 28, 2012

Today is Day 19 - 2 more days to completion of our 21 days cycle :D

All's been well thus far :) Now the only thing left would be Pavel's tooth...

On Thursday he went to the dentist and go a X-ray done on his bottom front tooth, as it was painful...apparently there's more to told him to come in on next Tue morning, 7am...there's something inside his tooth, so she needs to open it, clean it, leave it open for awhile and than fill it.

I have no idea exactly what is wrong, Pavel just listen and said he didn't really ask any Qs as it doesn't occur to him...I'm the one usually asking all the Qs..but than again when it's me, I don't ask the Qs...weird I know...

So do pray that everything will be well and I do highly suspect the bruise on Pavel's arm along the vein is caused by extravasation... -_- chemo nurses must be thoroughly trained to avoid all these unecessary complications. It's good that his WBC are not too low, Neulasta definitely helped, so it should recover fine :)

I really thank God that Pavel has only a few really bad days, some guys had it real rough even after their first week of the first cycle!

And this is an awesome place for info and support on TC -
They have the best forum for TC! =) And people are really nice too ;)

We made a special thank you video for all of you who have been supporting us :) I'll need to edit it later and will post it up =)

Life's awesome with God in it and definitely with wonderful people like you! :D

the wonders of nature :)