Cycle 2 Day 1: My Army boy! =D

Monday, January 9, 2012

Cycle 2 Day 1

Blood test result:
Before Cycle 1 - Leucocyte 5.0; Erythrocytes 5.39; hemoglobin 145; thrombocytes 210
After Cycle 1 - Leu 5.6; Ery 5.14; Hb 137; Tr 180

Current weight: 87 kg
Before Cycle 1: 90 kg

BSA: 2.09

Today we were once again the last patient to leave the chemo department (we're always the last anyway ;D since Pavel's the only one on BEP regime), all went well...except that Pavel saw a lady nearly collapsing cause she couldn't breathe, she was on her IV. SO that was something!
BUT most of all TODAY, my bottle of cream exploded onto my face and shirt! :D It was hilarious!! As the cream was splattered everywhere! Onto my face, my shirt....and I was just merely squeezing the bottle a bit and the whole plastic bottle just exploded!! It was a good laugh :D Even the nurses burst out laughing when they saw my face with the cream all over =D And my darling Pavel certainly couldn't stop laughing too ;)

Anyway the doc decided to change his bleomycin jab to today and made it into an infusion instead. I didn't know about it so I wasn't too happy with it. As Pavel tends to just merely rely on the doc, I for one likes to know everything! As I do not want any mistakes to occur. Anyhow he took the IV quite well for the bleomycin so it's ok.

His back has already hyperpigmentation due to the bleomycin, nothing serious...prior to this, his back's literally clean =)

Well here's it. Today I have my army boy! :D

Pavel: Don't punch me or I'll punk you!

We decided to do some funny stuff, so that I won't cry instead!
It just reminds me of the patients I've seen back in my hospital..
Sexy back! 

Side view. Not too bad eh?
Would love your funny comments! :D To keep us happy and laughing ;D

Head gear on! Pirates!

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