Rugged looking man :)

Friday, January 6, 2012

Just finished cutting his hair :)

Since the hair salon was closed at 4pm, we couldn't make it in time. And Pavel really needed to cut because the hair was falling all too easily.

So I became the hair stylist! =D

Had a really nice pizza for dinner and off goes the hair!

His hair was pretty long already :) I gave him a rugged cut :D short on the sides
and decided to leave some top on. The hair doesn't fall out so easily now :)

I decided to leave him a tail! He doesn't even know it! hahaha
wait till he sees this :D Not too bad since it's my first time cutting someone's hair ;)

So the bald man will have to wait another day =) Now Pavel's the rugged looking man! :D


Dree said...

The tail looks good on him :)

bigrich said...

How come he has the basin above his head? The tail do make him looks rugged. Go bald and leave the tail there like the Tartars. Great people with great looks!

Fionna Tan said...

it's not his head la..haha just the angle of it ;)

it's kept on top of the cupboard