Day 17 - 19

Friday, January 6, 2012

Today is Day 19 =) 3 more days and Cycle 1 finishes officially!

Day 17
Was his last bleomycin jab, odd because his left butt is still painful from last week's jab but his right butt which took the last jab doesn't hurt as much.
Thank God, this time round the bleomycin didn't affect him too much. Just some slight aches and tiredness. So paracetamol did the work for him. After 4hours since the jab, his eyes started to become dry, tired and red. You could also see the dark circles forming but nothing serious. =)

Pavel's not as energetic before the jab, so I suppose when Monday comes along, he should recover better. The bleomycin jab usually takes a toll on him for 2 - 3 days.

Blood test was also taken on Day 17.

His hair has also started to come off noticeably.

Day 18
Pavel's feeling much better compared to Day 17 just some mild aches which he already got accustomed and tiredness.

Blood test result was out, he phoned in and they say that he's all good to commence Cycle 2 next Monday =) I would need the detailed blood test result for my own record keeping.

oh and his hair is coming out even more!

We cooked spaghetti for lunch as Pavel loves eating them! :)
Pavel's special sauce! Includes celery, carrots & milk apart from the norm ;)

Day 19
Today is Day 19 =)
Pavel is doing well! Just tired that's all but he's good enough to be working on his projects, which he has been doing this past week :)

His head is extra sensitive to touch today and the hair is falling off rather we have decided to have him bald! His hair is everywhere, so it's much easier to cut it all off. Off to the hair salon later :) 
He doesn't really mind going bald, he says it's gonna grow again later =) What a man!

As Cycle 1 nears the end, Pavel has been amazing! The courage he has and the ability to laugh it off, keeps things smiley =) He has never even ONCE complain about the entire ordeal! Yea we had our down moments but now we thank God that His grace is indeed sufficient for us. =) 

And as for you guys, family & friends, you have been amazing in supporting us through this =D You definitely put a smile on our face with your care and concerns. Your encouragement really mean a lot to us and more so your prayers. We have felt your love even though we are miles away. You guys made our lives amazing =)

What can I say? 
I'm not tough by my own strength
Nor am I tenacious to see it through
Holding up the fort and keeping things calm
It's not easy as 1,2,3
Gripping on to hope when all else glooms
Finding a reason to smile when my heart is breaking
Boy that was hard
Being optimistic and upbeat while seeing the pain and suffering 
Took quite a toll for the bearing
But through it all
Through it all
He enables, His grace abounds
He became our wind under our wings 
that we may soar high above the skies
Now I finally understood what it meant
His grace is always sufficient

I thank God for this amazing man in my life =)
Perhentian Island Oct 2011