Cycle 2 Day 2 & 3: chubby shaolin monk!

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Day 2, Cycle 2

All went well :) and it was the longest infusion day thus far!
Normal saline & cisplatin were dripping all so slowly...the nurse didn't place the canula it was  a real lag..

Didn't have any problems with the chemo but instead with manitol. Pavel's muscle aches if this one runs too fast. Ironic since usually people have probs with chemo instead. But still manageable =)

Pavel nowadays always use this: Be careful la, I'm fragile & brittle! :)
He comes up with the quirkiest statements sometimes ;D

Yesterday I was running through's forum, they have a really good forum support there :) and I was reading up on various cases and all. I got to know that Dr. Einhorn is the top leading oncologist in Testicular Cancer and he's the one who treated Lance Armstrong.
So I bounced him an email in regards to Pavel's case because I want to make sure that our decision of going for 2 cycles is sufficient.
And what a kind hearted soul, he replied me on the very same day! And said that 2 cycles is sufficient for him =D

Yay!! I was rather happy that now I have the top TC's specialist opinion on it :D He's been known to be really nice and replies EVERYONE's email!! Since TC is still relatively rare and specialist in this field are rare too. So nice of him :)

Day 3, Cycle 2

Today was the fastest infusion day thus far!
haha yesterday was the slowest and today the fastest! Today another nurse fixed the canula for him, and this one did a really nice job, no pain too. The first nurse didn't do it nicely for Pavel, she had to jab him twice for it! -_- Pavel doesn't like needles and jabs ;)
He faints, if he's not lying down! I got a real good real life joke for it..but can't tease him too much now =)

The side effects he has experienced so far for Cycle 2, Day 1- 3:
- body aches (mild & sensitive to touch)
- mild metallic taste (especially today, he said that he has iron mouth but just for awhile ;)
- salivating (so he has to take his anti-emetics to prevent anything else)

Oh and today he became a chubby shaolin monk! haha bloating of his face..just like the carton Avatar =D

Round & chubby! =D