Cycle 2 Day 4

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Today is DAY 4!!!!!!!!!!!!!! =D
Tomorrow is DAY 5 = last day of chemo in the hospital!!! wheeeeee and only 2 more jabs of bleomycin left ;)

AND end of chemo!!! =D we're only doing 2 cycles =) Dr. Einhorn (TC specialist & Lance Armstrong's doctor) says 2 is enough!!! :D

Today is record time as well, I think Pavel is getting a hang of it =D Just 5 hours and we're done! =D

Although there's more metallic taste in his mouth today and he's feeling nauseous I have to be excited for him ;D

So what do we do the whole in the hospital?

Sometimes we nap
Sometimes we watch movies 
(ps we have our own room ;)
Sometimes we talk
and we dream
Sometimes we just look at each other
Sometimes we pray
Sometimes silence speaks the loudest
as we have each other to hold and cherish
forever :)

Oh and lots of time for me to catch up on my reading

thinking man - he likes to think =)

Too lazy to turn it...yup finished this book today =)

Oh and my poor darling today, apparently he was caughing for like 2 mins really hard and my chair was turned against him, which means I'm facing away...and I didn't turn to check on him...he felt so abandon
hehehe but it was because I was sleeping! I didn't even hear a thing! haha was too tired ;D

well well now time for my hot bath! as tomorrow is our last day! =D
UPDATE: hot bath with lemon grass oil - NICE :D now I'm all warm & ready for bed!~

thank you all of your amazing wonderful people that God has brought into our lives =) We truly appreciate it and love you people! xx


Anonymous said...

your hardships are felt. may god bless both of you.

Fionna Tan said...

=) i like the part whereby God bless us both ;) you too!