statute of liberty

Saturday, January 14, 2012

One of the things that we did during our :) I found this toy up in the attic. It belongs to Pavel. His sister gave it to him but he didn't manage to solve it. So since I'm all too free, I decided to fix it =)

After a good few LOOOONNNGGGG hours (more than 24hours) and Pavel helped me out at the end, it is finished!! =D
It's not exactly a perfect fit though, as some of the parts don't really fit in too's just basically styrofoam which adds to the 3D effect and holds when you piece it together. Had to use tape to hold it properly, if not it wouldn't have hold up. It's a piece to be admired from a far ;)

And now it sits nicely in our room, until it gathers dust and into the bin it goes~ haha I used to be sentimental about things/objects...but I changed..decided that things are not really worth the sentiment...only some...only some.

I've learned that there's always a season for everything and when the season's's no use holding on to it anymore. The print that's left will always be in memory and when it's important enough, the memory will be retrieved. Of course this thought too may be changed, in time to come.

As I grow and learn along the way, I'll gain a better perspective some way ;)

The Statute of Liberty, whereby at one time it did mean something to the people...