Cycle 2 Day 5, 6 & 7

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Day 5

Our last day of long hours in the hospital!! =D Nurses and our doc has been great :) And we ended Day 5 with a crazy winter weather...
Firstly it was like a mini snow storm

And than it was blue skies with just a slight hint of snow on the ground

Snow and clear skies and more snow and blue skies again...erratic weather I would say~

Sometimes life can be as crazy as the weather or even worse
but hey the blue skies will always come out again
no matter how bad the weather was :)
and with God in the picture
having written in scripture
peace will bring you through

Metallic tastebuds have become the most apparent today...banana, Pavel's favorite does help :) or just eating something. Chewing gum helps too but he left it in the room instead.

His arm where the infusion takes place has become really sensitive and pain to touch. Fragile and brittle is his label lately. So gotta be extra careful, which I always tend to forget haha cause you gotta be really really gentle with him now XD

oh hyperpigmentations has also occurred on his back due to bleomycin but it should disappear when we're done with it :)

Day 6

Pavel needs his rest as his mind can't focus on anything really except watching Star Gate! haha his favorite :) so we watched Star Gate the whole day! and slept early =)

His bones are also slight achy at night as today I jabbed him with the Neulasta to boost the production of white blood cells. He demanded that I get everything ready first so that he can just lie and I jab him straight. haha cause last time, I spent like 10mins making sure I got everything right and he was soooo stressed by it. His forehead was like dripping with sweat! :D Poor baby! A giant baby no doubt! ;D

I've asked him to take 2 tabs of paracetamol prior to the jab to prevent any temperatures and body aches cause the last time was quite this time round it was just slight :)

Day 7

Whole body is sensitive to touch especially his stomach can get really fragile and nauseous all of a sudden. Oh and his teeth too even a slight touch hurts. His throat has become dry these past few days, so gotta ensure that lots of fluids is consumed, which he does. So it's good :)

Good hygiene has been practiced prior to starting chemo, which is really important as you don't want to risk any infection especially when the immunity is down. So I did drill him for the first few days to always watch his hands before touching any food and after the toilet.
And no sick people around definitely! =)

Today he had some strength after a nap in the noon, so we went out and made our first snowman! :D Just a mini one though :)  All too excited going out and that he's feeling better, I forgot the camera~ XD

Picture below was taken by Pavel in Jan 2010 when he was still staying in Prague and me in KL. So much have changed since than :)

It's not time that changes things but what we do with the time