Cycle 2 Day 8

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Day 8 

Yesterday we went for the bleomycin jab but instead an infusion was given. Pavel was not mentally prepared for another infusion, so he was pretty much stressed out by it. XD Poor baby. He was literally sweating from his forehead and you could see beads of sweats forming, it's quite funny though. Seeing him so stressed up by a tiny little needle :p
He had some bad experience when he was a little boy, he was quite sick and he was stuck in the hospital for a month and they had to take his blood samples everyday. To make it worst, he was alone there most of the time, as both his parents were that's when it all started, this 'phobia'

Oh his dad has the same issue with needles too XD

The infusion is actually not so bad but a canula needs to be inserted in and it takes 15mins, whereby a jab just takes a couple of seconds. However the good thing about the infusion is that his butt won't be painful for 2 weeks, like his last jab. So after all the infusion is much better =)

In the evening, all of a sudden he had like severe chills, he was pretty much shaking and his teeth couldn't stop chattering!! Quite a funny sight thinking about it hehehe he couldn't really talk as a result of that. But thank God it was only about 10mins than it was ok.

Gave him paracetamol 2 tabs and covered him with 2 blankets!~ Oh and a cup of hot fruit tea too =)

Apart from being tired and still a bit sensitive to touch, all is well! =)

Just one more of bleo next Monday and we're done with the drugs! :D