Cycle 2 Day 9 & Day 10

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Day 9

All is well except for extremities in taste bud!
Pavel can't take anything that is bitter (even the tinniest bit) & spicy...

I actually made veggie burger today, so much effort and he found in bitter -_-
It really tasted pretty good :D wrapped with egg and cheese~ it was more of a nutty flavor and he found it bitter... so I basically was the one who enjoyed it though it was meant for him. Oh well...gotta find something far these past few times I've cooked, it's all too spicy for him. His taste buds went from mild, serious to worst. So kinda hard for me to gauge.

Now it's nothing nutty/seedy/peppery/spicy. Not even slight!

He drank wine and he said it was too spicy for him XD

Maybe after this, no more alcohol?

And now he wants his food to be saltier and sweeter -_- which is exactly what he is suppose to cut down on...tough tough...

And over production of saliva...haven't figure out why yet..

Day 10

Today a mild temperature and headache, some rest and paracetamol did the work :)

Oh and forget about no alcohol part, cause today I made Mojito and he drank some of it...
Me: It's not bitter?
Pavel: Just a bit..

Boils down to preference eh? :p

I decided to bake scones today! Blueberry scones! :D I found some frozen berries in the freezer, in the celler. So blueberry day it is! Always wanted to bake something with blueberries but it was too blooming expensive to buy'em!!

in the oven :)

filled with loads of blueberries!!

lemon glaze to add a tangy twist!~

well it didn't turn out exactly how I wanted a scone to be...cause I substitute the flour with buckwheat flour...I needed it to be healthier for Pavel XD nonetheless it's still really yummy! And Pavel likes it too! At last he likes something I've made so far, since he started chemo.

So I've decided to call it Cookie-ish Blueberry Scone :)