Testicular Self Examination

Friday, December 30, 2011

Get to know'em!
Best done during or after a shower/bath. As the skin of the scrotum is much more relaxed, making it much easier to feel for anything unusual. Oh and provided it's a hot shower/bath, heat is the one that relaxes the scrotum.

Check one testicle at a time
1. Weigh it and see if it's heavier than normal
2. Roll it between your fingers to feel for any lumps/hardness/anything unusual

Testicular Self Examination should be done monthly

- Changes in size/color
- Swelling
- Any aches or pains in the groin area
- Lumps may be pea-sized or even as small as a rice

Note: there's a bump (soft, tube-structure) on the upper or middle outer part of the testis, it's known as epididymis - it's normal. The epididymis collects and carries the sperm.

Usually the right testicle is larger than the other one, this is normal.

If lumps are found, it may not be cancer, just check with your doctor as soon as possible. As testicular cancer have a very high cure rate when caught on early.

Note: If the doctor diagnose as an infection and you didn't have any signs of infection (fever, constant pain) ask the doctor to do an ultrasound. Due to it's rarity doctors usually doubt it's testicular cancer.
I made a wrong choice following the doctor's diagnosis and took the antibiotics for Pavel, knowingly that he didn't have any signs of infection and the symptoms were for testicular cancer instead.


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