Day 10 and 11 more days to go

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Today is Day 10 and the 2nd jab of bleomycin is taken.

Jab was rather painful as the nurse pushed in too fast, when the medication goes in slower, the pain is much lesser or virtually none at all.

Pavel was down with chills followed by fever and heavy sweating, it's just the side effect of bleomycin. So I gave him paracetamol 1g for the fever and after about an hour and half of sleep, he's all good again. :)

I'll probably list down on another post in regards to medications to counter the side effects of chemotherapy and supplements that you can take. =)

Day 7 - 9 was good, just some mild diarrhea, so we need to ensure that's there's adequate fluid intake. Bare minimum would be 2.5L a day.

11 more days to complete Cycle 1, 21 days to a cycle. And after that Cycle 2 will commence. Usually the next Cycle would take a heavier toll on the body due to the previous Cycle.

Pavel's hair is still intact :D

Only drug that might cause hair loss would be etoposide and it's usually just mild anyway :)

The Epic Story begins...