Cycle 1 in the hospital

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Day 1 - 5 was spent in the hospital having his chemo was rather tiring for the both of we were up by 6am and than spending an average of 6 hours in the hospital.

BUT it was all pretty good =)

Our oncologist was a pretty nice guy and we had an angel nurse (as Pavel calls her) taking care of Pavel. =) She has a really sweet smile and a pleasant face all the time. The nurse patiently takes care of Pavel's every need. Since he had to go and pee pretty often! So the nurse had to come into our room, stop the infusion and fix it back later again.

Throughout the whole 5 days, there were no complications. Thank God! :) And Pavel was much calmer after the first day, since he thought that it would be bad.

It's good that I've got some background in the medical line, as our oncologist was thinking of giving us at least 3 cycles of BEP! And I was only thinking about 1 due to my research and consultation. Anyhow, now our oncologist will be considering 2 cycles =) as he will now proceed to do more reading up. As we talked to him on various issues & gently triggered him to do more reading up. ;)
Sometimes you have to play your cards well to win at all sides :)

First day he was lying on the bed...second day I was sleeping on it :)

Our view from the room :) It snowed a fair bit thus granting Pavel's wish of a white Christmas

For those of you who have yet to know about it, this is where it all started:-
The Epic Story begins...