Christmas in Czech! :D

Sunday, December 25, 2011

Yesterday was Day 6 of chemo and it's also Christmas in Czech :)

Pavel is just getting a bit more tired than usual as he woke up like 1am couldn't sleep till happened again this morning. So I'm trying to figure out what's the cause of it...

Anyway in Czech, Christmas is celebrated on the 24th December instead and we have fish fillet instead of turkey. You're not suppose to eat any meat except fish because if you eat meat, you won't be able to see the golden pig. Which is suppose to bring you good fortune in the year to come.

We had a nice little dinner, just the two of us and the parents =) Mum cooked really nice orange cabbage soup for lunch and than dinner starts off with the tradition =)

1. Everyone needs to dress up (suits are a norm but this year since it's just us, Dad decided to drop the suit and go for a sporty look...but he was over sporty and Mum sent him back up to change XD

2. All gather around the dinner table, Dad starts his speech for good health and explains:-
A knife is used to draw 4 crosses on the loaf of bread
And a slice of bread is cut and shared with everyone on the table
A clove of raw garlic each

3. After everyone has their slice of bread, with the other hand holding the eat the raw garlic with bread it's suppose to make the soup taste better after that but the first time I ate it this way, I felt sick...haha So this time around, I just chew the garlic once and swallow it with the bread ;D

4. Fish Soup is served =D

5. And you have to wait for everyone to finish their soup before you can go for the next dish. Even if the person takes 5 times, you still have to wait! Pavel was kind enough to just take twice! 

6. Fish fillet with potato salad 

That's all for Christmas dinner. Fairly simple compared to the Brits and Americans...I think I like the turkey better haha

Than it's time for presents!! :D In Czech there's no Stanta Clause but instead ježíšek (ye-she-shack) aka baby Jesus which brings the present. A bell is rang and than the presents would appear!
In the Bednář family, the appointed ježíšek will wear the santa red cap and pass the presents one by one to each family member. You actually have to wait for one person to open up the present before the other person is allowed to get theirs.

We all had a good time tearing up the wrappers :) and we both got really nice gifts :)

My best gift of all - Pavel Bedář, my sweetheart :)

Wishing all of you a very Merry Christmas!!!

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