Saturday, December 31, 2011

Orchiectomy (or-ki-te-me)

Surgical removal of the testicle.
Courtesy of e-medicine. It's not Pavel's :D

It just takes about an hour to complete the operation whereby general anesthesia is usually given. You don't want to be awake when your testicle is being removed!

Preparation before the op:
1. Marked with a marker to indicate which ball is to be removed. You don't want to cut the wrong one.

2. Shaving. You will never feel so bald after this. Since usually whites are affected with this problem. The entire groin area and up till your upper legs are shaved off.

The OP:
About 4-inches of incision is made along the bikini line (no, the ball doesn't get cut off from the bottom) and the testicle along with the cord is pulled out and cut. The incision is than stitched back. So a scar is formed without being seen even if you wear speedos. ;)

It still looks pretty normal even with one testicle, so guys don't worry too much about it. =)

Sexual libido may decrease but not to worry, all will still function well. And sperm count is not a problem. So nothing to fret about fertility. =)

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