2011 what a year!

Saturday, December 31, 2011

so today's the last day of 2011
what a year it has been!
a superb wedding and an awesome husband
and a foreign land to call home
not forgetting the current battle against cancer and chemo
and the glimpse of reality of losing the love of my life
when life of togetherness has barely even begun!
what a year it has been!
to live in His constant grace and mercy
having His peace carrying us through
having felt the love and kindness
from family and friends all over the world =)
what a year it has been!

what a blessing to be able to hold on to faith and hope
to know that there's always Someone greater by my side
to be able to have people that I can count on and rally support
oh what a year it has been!

what a blessed life I have
to be able to cherish my one true love
to hold him and love him
to know that we are always in it together
the ups and downs will only bond us stronger
oh what a year it has been!

how amazing it is to live and taste the wonders of the world
the wonders of life itself
to come across so many wonderful people
to have them in my life
friends to cherish a lifetime
oh what a blessed life I have!

What a year 2011
What a year it has been... =)

The man of my life =)