My first English Breakfast!!

Wednesday, July 4, 2007

I came back home to cook a meal
Started the cooker, poured in the oil
Ready as ever to...

But than an angel dropped by
A messenger told Alicia to tell me that
My angel came by not only that she left me
some stuff by the pigeon hole

So off I went to check it out
Eager as ever to see what I've got!

Lo and behold! I got an english breakfast
hot and nice all prepared
A cup of cordial and a box of food
2 sausages, 2 ham, a sunny side egg & baked beans
PLUS 2 toast with butter
All ready to eat!

Ahhh mine oh mine that really made my day!
To be treated so well by my dear ol' angel!
Delighted and Happy I was
Came back up off the stove
Off I went into my room to enjoy my meal

Should have taken a picture of it
But I was just too excited over it
The simple things in life really makes me happy!

With the world so bad, is there any good left around?
Ah yes my dear people, there are many good souls around
You may not even have to search far for it
But you just need to start spreading some good & it'll come back to you.
- fionna wy tan-

all that's left XD
A lil song to all the angels of P105!
Dear angel of mine I have something for you..but
it's just not ready yet =)