More FOOD!!!

Friday, July 6, 2007

wheee this time I remembered to take a picture of my food that MY ANGEL gave me!!

smells GREAT!!! N loooks YUMMY!!

First I got this

eagerly anticipating what awaits me

than ta da!!!

A note! hehe and more

I got this!!!!

smells goooood!!

and this too!!!
a cold chocolate drink!

hah! my angel rocks big time!!!! THANK uuUUUUUUUuuuuu
who said that being a student can't have good food when you're living out?..akakaka

well dear angel of mine, it's a real blessing to have U!! ^^


Anonymous said...

O yea... messenger 4got to tell u to return the dish n d mug thru the messenger too xD

Fionna Tan said...

haha okie dokie ^^

thks!! love it!!!
taste great simply because of the effort, the time & the heart that went into it =)