P105: Angels & Saints COMMENCE!!

Thursday, June 28, 2007

welp my dear fellow batchmates,

alas! the game begins!!

for those of you who's lost at how the game goes...pls do refer here and read up

the names you have picked will be your SAINTS so do treat them nice for 2 weeks XD which will be until 12th July 2007 for we can't be angels and saints forever ^^

Angels be nice to your saints and likewise for saints =)
saints can also treat your angels nice k ^^

will be posting up a blog soon..where the angels and saints can communicate without them knowing who you actually are...more details coming up soon!

*try your very best not to let your saint know who you are...it will all be revealed on the 12th July..where you can have a shot to guess..maybe..hehe


have fun ppl!!!!!!