P105: Angels & Saints Communication Link

Saturday, June 30, 2007

ooook....seems like the game is going pretty well ^^ good good

so now both the saints and angels can communicate to each other via this post..you can do so by just adding in your comments but REMEMBER don't leave your name behind if you are the angel XD just put ie

Angel communicating to Saint:
TO: Chia Chia...bla bla bla...YOUR ANGEL

Saint communicating to Angel:
TO: Chia Chia's Angel...bla bla bla...Chia Chia



Anonymous said...

To Hui Mei,

Have a very bright and beautiful day!
Take care.

Anonymous said...

Dear Wen Jiun,

Good Morning :D and enjoy the weekends!! ur angel is always by ur side :)

ur lovely angel...

Anonymous said...

Sook Hui dear..

have a greeaaat weekend!

your angel

Anonymous said...


Hope you like the lil robotic penguin ^^

angels are everywhere

Fionna Tan said...

to my angel

thks!!! love the snack..need the break...hahaha..maybe a lil too much break XD wheeee

have a good weekend too!!! ahh sunday! love sundays!

Anonymous said...

Dear Hui Mei's angel,

I don't think your halo shined bright enough as the day was far from bright. It was raining the whole day and i got drenched while cycling. But it was a beautiful day as 2 other angels made it so. :)

Try to make your halo shine brighter next time! Hehe. XP

Take care.

- mei -

Anonymous said...

Dear Yi Wern,

Have a great weekend!

With love,
your angel
> O <

khaiyong said...

Dear Angel,
where are you ? I need you!

khaiyong said...

Dear saint of mine. Sorry for not being there for u lately been kinda busy but your suprise might be coming real soon ;)


Anonymous said...

Dear Hui Mei,

I'm afraid my powers do not extend to controlling weather conditions esp in unpredictable Glasgow. So sorry you got drenched but I'm sure you enjoyed your cycling day.

Halos are so yesterday....these days we look exactly like our human counterparts so that we can draw closer to the human race.

If you had 3 wishes, what would you wish for?

Angel on duty.

Anonymous said...

Dear Angel of Yi Wern,

Thank you for the bar. It was lovely.

Have a nice day patrolling.

Anonymous said...

Dear Yi Wern,

You're most welcome. Glad you liked it. More little miracles to come!

Selene said...
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Selene said...

To my Awesome Angel

Thank you so much for the chocolates and the CD! It's so terribly sweet of you =) We seem to have similar tastes in terms of music! It's wonderful to have you as my angel! Thank you so much and have a great week ahead!

Anonymous said...

Dear Hui Mei's angel,

Its such a pity you can't control the weather. Does that mean one of my wish cannot include less rain and more sunny weather?

Oh well.

How bout to pass PP and FMT? Would that be too much to ask for? :P
Also, could you perhaps stop the water pump from making so much noise? We've complained to v.o. but they havent done anything about it. Sigh. Hrm, and last but not least, how bout a nice warm cooked meal? Haha.

Ah, i didn't know that there were no halo-genated angels left. Its all part of evolution eh? Trying to fit in with the human race so we won't be able to tell whether one's an angel or not?

- touched by an angel -

HANSEL said...

to my angel.... who are you? whoever you are im really grateful and feeling bad at the same time... 2 gifts within 48 hours is something i really dont deserve...but all in all i wanna say a big thank you to you... its really cool to have you as my angel...maybe i ll write you a poem when i find you out...i think i ll definitely owe you a poem de...;)thanks for watchin over me!!
p/s the manly chocs and porridge was crazy good...

-your undeserving saint, HANSEL-

Anonymous said...

Oh saint of mine, Hui Mei

I'm pretty sure you'll pass fmt and pp. Can't do anything underhandedly,otherwise that'll be cheating. But you'll be fine.

Water pump seems to be driving everyone crazy. Maybe you could think of it in terms of alternative music..or someone banging you out a Morse code message, which could read something like this:

Dear Hui Mei
I know you're tired
and bored
Thought I'll cheer you up
with some bing-bang-bong-bong

Lie down and relax
and feel the quiet night air
Dream of...
lush strawberries dipped in chocolate
a bowl of warm chicken soup
quiches and pies and everything nice
cute little berry muffins
nestled alongside lychees on ice

play on ..and on...and on...

Home-cooked meal? That'll be giving away my identity. Plus I'm not a Michelin-starred chef, wonder if you'll be game tasting my food.

Another 3 wishes? Easier ones...I'm pretty low down on the power hierarchy of angels.

Have a good night.

Anonymous said...

Dear Joyce's angel,
This is the little ball of fat here thanking her angel! Thank you so much for the cookies. I really enjoyed them and wish there was a way I could thank you. By the way, how was your weekend? I lazed about a lot and I'm feeling a bit guilty now that it's over.

Anonymous said...

Dear Diana,
This is your amazing angel on patrol. I heard that you went somewhere during the weekend. Where did you go? Did you have fun? I am one nosy angel aren't I? I would love to get to know you better. Hope you liked my humble gift. Before I forget, you can email me at angel.halo@hotmail.com. See you tmr!Sweet dreams..

Hui Mei said...

Dear angel of mine,

I followed your suggestion and before I slept, I thought to myself, Oh if only the pump could do what my angel said. Then I'll be having sweet dreams of all things nice through the night. Which I think I did cause I slept oh so soundly last night. Thanks for the angelic touch! :)

I wouldn't mind if you're not a Michelin-starred chef, as long as there's food, I'm gamed if you are! Besides, it wouldn't be easy guessing your identity from your cooking right?

Hrm..low on the hierarchy eh..I'll have to rethink my wishes then. Will get back to you on that. Gtg get ready for class now. Tata!

Anonymous said...

Dearest Saint Hansel,

Do not feel bad...Be blessed =)

Take care.
-your guardian angel-

Anonymous said...

Sue Li's angel,

Thanks a lot =D It was a nice surprise~ I see lots of effort and time spent on it...You are one creative angel I must say...Love eveything about it, epecially the potcards, the quotes and the cute candy in front ; )

Your appreciative saint.

Anonymous said...

Dear Hui Mei,

Glad you had a good night's rest.

Well, have you thought about your 3 wishes?

Fionna Tan said...

wow...we really have something going on here =)

keep up the good work angels and saints!!

saints give your angels a treat too..even if you aren't getting any from them XD

Anonymous said...

To all the saints out there,

Received any heavenly messages lately?

*Angels say "halo" to everyone*

Welp, hope these msges brighten up your days. Have a great week ahead!! Cheers!! ^^

Anonymous said...

*Angels walk softly and carry a big presence*

Hoping you have felt our warm presence on these rather wet and rainy days. Remember every cloud has a silver lining! Maybe we were sent to be yours ^^

Hui Mei said...

Dear angel of mine,

I need divine intervention! Perhaps you could use your angelic powers to keep me awake during lectures? Make me concentrate cause i just keep floating away..

Thanks for the chocs! :) That kept me up for a bit. Hehe

Anonymous said...

Sarah's angel is sooooo sweet!!!!

khaiyong said...

Dear angel of mine,

Thanks for the Jaffa Cakes, although i don't really have a sweet tooth but i really appreciate the thought =)
I made a blog post dedicated to u!


Anyway, hope after these 2 weeks we can still be angels and saints for each other, whoever you are =)

khaiyong said...


sorry just go here

Anonymous said...

Dear Hui Mei,

Am glad you liked the chocs.
Well, as for the concentrating bit..I suppose you already know Dr. Jim won't be around tomorrow, so there'll be none of that stuffy room business tomorrow. That's a relief.
On Thursday, I believe you have a half day, so that shouldn't be too bad.

Try this for Prof. Davidson.
Haven't you noticed that he bears an uncanny resemblance to Prince Charles? Then use your imagination to pretend that Prince Charles is actually an expert on validation and quality control studies; that he doesn't actually spend his time talking to his plants (well, now that he's married, perhaps he doesn't anymore) but lecturing Malaysian students on a twinned pharmacy programme.He's actually quite interesting to listen to.

Now Victor Meidan is a different kettle of fish altogether. I regret that you'll be seeing more of him next week and unfortunately I can't do anything about that.
You may have noticed that he sweats a lot even in this Glaswegian weather...an unappealing fish this..
Would listening to him and imagining fish and chips at the same time be of any help?
Alternatively you can sketch him in various poses.. you're a good artist...
Hope to see some of your sketches soon!

Till then, I must continue to patrol

Your faithful angel

Xin Yin said...

Dear Angel,

The Belgian milk choc did cheer me up!! loving it. thank you so much!!

Take Care! ^^

Anonymous said...

To Yi Wern's angel,

Thank you for the skitties. Have a great week ahead!

Anonymous said...

*Angels may not come when you call them, but they'll always be there when you need them.*


aLiCiA a.k.a aLLy said...

to me angel..

thx for the egg sandwich! dat was superbly nice! my fav! yumyums! hehe..thx again! *huggies*

Anonymous said...

Dear Yi Wern,

You're welcome! :)
Take care!

Fionna Tan said...

whooo hoooo

my aNgEl officially rocks!! akaka

love the food =) my first english breakfast in UK =)

all of'em my fav some more akaka

thks thks thks!!

Anonymous said...


I wonder whether you check this site or not...

anyway if u do...did the snack manage to beat the sleep spell? or at least a bit..hehe

ur angel

Your Blur and Lazy Angel XD said...

Dear Joyce,

Glad u love the cookies.. hehe... more is to come!! Hope u loved my homemade pancakes and coleslaw too!! I dunno about the other angels, but i take holidays on weekends too... haha... (lazy me)

P/S: Sorry for late reply, i just found out about this site (blur me)

joyce said...

Dear Joyce's angel,

Your homemade pancake was great! I'd love to share recipes. I have yet to try the coselaw though..Sorry for keeping your plate so long. I will pass it to Kah Wei tonight. It's ok..Everyone needs a break once in awhile. So how is your preparation for pp3? I think you really have to bless me through this one. I think I am the world's worst pharmacist..hehe.

Pei Ling said...

Dearest angel,

Ooh.. I seriously need a break.. Thanks for the Kit-Kat!! =D

Pizza!! How did you know that I'm already so sick of having bread as lunch?? ;)

Oh my... You can actually read my mind!!! Was drooling over Mars muffin in Co-op and it just appeared in my pigeon hole the next moment!!! Gosh.. YOU ROCK!! XD

Thank you so much.. You are simply so sweet!!! =)

P.S. I do "retain" ur notes and paste them around in my room... They brighten up my days... =D

Pei Ling said...


Where are you?? I have prepared something nice and warm for u in my pigeon hole.. Do come and collect it asap, k? There isn't any CCTV installed by the way... XD

Anyone out there knows who my angel is? Do call my extension number at 7100 if u dun mind providing some delivery services ya.. I promise to treat u with my favourite Sainsbury choc chips cookies!!! Huhuhu... =D

Pei Ling said...

ANGEL!!! Were u the one who took the pasta away? Cuz when I went to check it out just now, it's already gone!!! But the note I left for u was on the floor!!! Argh.. Am suspecting a pasta stealer among us!!! Grr... So pls leave a note in Fionna's blog at www.fionnatan.blogspot.com if u were the one who took it, k? Will put the note back into my pigeon hole later. Remember to come back for it oh... It's meant to bring u luck in this coming PP3 class test... hehe... cheers!! =D

Angel said...

Dear Joyce,

all the best for your pp3 test!! will send u pancake recipe soon.. (after pp3.. haha) Nah, i think u'll be a decent pharmacist... Good luck oh XD

hui mei said...

Dear angel,

You're right! He does bear a sriking resemblance to Peince Charles! Haha. But i doubt doing what you said would work..Ehehe. As for Victor, I really wonder why he sweats while lecturing. Is it really that hot? Or is it because he's under stress? Haha. Well, I solved the problem of not concentrating in his class by...going shopping! Ahaha.

Good luck for PP3! When's yours? today or monday? Whichever it is, all the best, I'm sure you'll do fine. :)


St. Vincent said...

Dear Angel of mine,

Thanks so much for what you've done!! I'm so touched... uu.. T.T.. i promise i wont mess up my room again... I'll treat u dinner next week when i know who you are...

Anonymous said...

Yi Wern's angel:

Thanks! That was a lovely surprise after the PP3....

Anonymous said...

to st vincent...

ur most welcome.hope u like the new room 'look'! hehe..hope pp3 was ok 4u today too!

take care!

^ur angel^

Anonymous said...

Yi Wern's angel:

Thank you for breakfast. Top marks for presentation!

What do you do in your angelic free time?

Anonymous said...

Dear Yi Wern,

You're welcome :) You liked it?

Well, during my angelic free time, I do things that I shouldnt be doing when I have more important things to do. Like answering the call of the computer instead of the book! Haha. Helping and guiding things that don't need guidance and neglecting things that do!Terrible aint it?

I think I need to get a book for dummies on how to be a perfect angel and how to set my priorities right. =P

How was PP? Easy peasy?

Anonymous said...

Yi Wern's angel:

Thanks for lunch. Had just trekked back and forth from Tesco Extra and there it was, the lunchbox specially prepared for me!
Thank you.

PP was not too terrifying, but then again you never know..at least the perempuan menggerunkan (whose initals are AB, btw)didn't disturb much. To me, at least.

If you're sitting for PP this Monday, then I wish you all the best. If you have already sat for the paper, then happy shopping for the weekend!

What kind of angelic snacks do you like? Do we have it here on earth?

Anonymous said...

Dear Yi Wern,

I'm glad you got the food! I was going in a frenzy trying to find a way to pass it to you. Nobody I knew picked up the phone to let me in! Haha.

Oh, you know, I just tried Marks n Spencer's redcurrant puffs. they're sooo good! You have to try it out if you havent already. =) I lovee cookies! Haha. I swear i'm gonna put on some extra bulk soon. Then i wouldn't be able to fly! If you happen to look up into the sky and see something drop, trying to bounce up and down, that'll be me. Haha.

Anonymous said...

Yi Wern's angel,

Thank you for dinner!

You must have been very busy today. Appreciate that. Will be going out tomorrow, so you can have a nice long rest....

Take care..

BTW : My bowels say hi.

Anonymous said...

Hui Mei

All the best for PP3! Just remember not to panic and don't be intimidated by the markers...Know your rights!

Mostly, write down every little detail by the side so that they can't get you.

Take care.

joyce said...

Dear Joyce's Angel,

I think I FAILED!! I was so close to finishing but i simply ran out of time. So upset right now. Sigh...I just hope that I can do better the next test.

hui mei said...

Dear angel,
Thanks for the cookies! :) They're so cute and mini. Hehe. Phew, PP's over. I made a couple of hopefully not major mistakes, but overall i guess it was alright. Thanks for watching over me! =)

Anonymous said...

Yi Wern's angel:

Thanks for the chocs!

Anonymous said...

Hi Hui Mei

Glad that you like the mini-cookies...but you are mini-mei after all!

Take care...

joyce said...

Dearest Angel,
Thank you for your cookies. They helped cheer me up.:)

Anonymous said...

Dear Yi Wern,

You're welcome! Enjoy those GORGEOUS chocolates XD

Fionna Tan said...

alas! The GAME has come to an END =)

Do continue to do good amongst one another for after all we are a really big family together =)

Hope that all of you did enjoy yerself ^^