macky is back!!!!

Saturday, June 30, 2007

at lassssstttttt MY Mac-ky is BACK!!!!!!

man!!! I miss it sooo much and I totally can't survive without it..haha

well last it's you can all see more pics posted up..and later on I'm gonna give my blog a face-lift! XD can't wait for that day to come..hehehe

there's just soo many things waiting for me to blog...but can't forget to study also...haha

oh yea...i've got an account with flickr gonna post up pics there too =) so you can go check it OUT XD

hmmm.....i'm getting sleepy...

well...was just looking up a song for this post...and i found this song..which is pretty nice i'd suppose..haha...but yea what the song sings its true...every night i'm missing you...which practically includes all the ones i've got back home =)

my family, my buddies (all over the world...will never forget the times we had together =) crazee times, happy times and times where we just chill), my church-mates (practically a part of my life) so this songs goes to all of U who have known me well enough ^^