P105: suggestions anyone? Angels & Saints

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

heya peeps!

well i'm just all too sleepy nowadays...ain't know why...so I've decided to post up stuff regarding our batch here itself =) probably yet to really settle down laaa hehe

since i'm maintaing it..you all can post too if you want..just make sure your title there have P105 at the front ^^

welp first off, I've circulated some emails around but some of you may not have got it yet ^^

I'm planning to orgainse a programme called Angels & Saints
This is just to perk things up a bit and create something to look forward and hype things up in campus...since all of us are hit by the sleep spell of late XD
Not to mention that some of us are desperately missing home..be it the food or our loved ones...I know I AM!!! MISSSIN home a whole lot XD
So I'd figure that we all need a lil something to smile about =)

what is it? - meh le gei -
we need even number of participation from the batch so that everyone of you will be paired up.
you will pick a slip of paper which will have a name written on it. That would be your saint.
So that means everyone will have an angel looking after them and a saint to look after =)
So it's something like being a guardian angel to your designated saint, that you have picked out.

what do we do? - chou meh ye ge leh -
since now you are the guardian angel of your saint, you gotta treat your saint nice. Be it get her/him sweets, cook them meals, do laundry for them, write notes of encouragement, or whatever that your creative minds can come up with. BUT you MUST NOT let your saint know who you are.

for how long? - oi gei loi -
we can't be guardian angels forever! XD so it will run for probably 2 weeks? and at the end of it we will than reveal who your guardian angel is.

I will also setup another post just for the Angels & Saints (if there's ppl interested to participate la) so the angels and saints can drop their messages to the respective ppl without them knowing who you are =) you can do this via the comments button, but put la the name like Fionna's Angel or something.

It will definitely be fun =)

pls drop your Qs or any queries in the comments column and I will reply =)
easy also la..since everyone now has high speed internet connection XD

oh if you all wanna organize anything else feel free to inform me about it =)


Fionna Tan said...

on Tuesday we will collect the names and you all can pick a name out...so tuesday..LET THE GAME COMMENCE! XD