Authoxy!!! -proxy made simple for mac-

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

I've decided to give Authoxy a free advert!

first off, I've looked hours on the net figuring out how to configure my mac to work for messenger and skype as I'm working behind my Uni's proxy and those dumb softwares didn't seem to be able to work and just follow the settings on my mac -_-

lo and behold, I found this wonderful and brilliant software which is relatively easy to use and configure. And ta-da! my messenger and skype work without a hitch! Only thing is tht my messenger keeps on signing off without any known reason -_-

but still it deserves a thumbs up!...we need more ppl to come up with more software for mac users!! all hail mac! haha

"If your Internet connection requires you to use a proxy which needs a username and password, Authoxy may be the solution to a seamless Internet experience. Authoxy runs locally as a proxy server to intercept HTTP and HTTPS requests, forwarding them on to your regular proxy with authentication details you define in a System Preference Pane. Such a process is required to use many web services (MacHelp, QuickTime, iTunes) behind a proxy requiring authentication."

- excerpt from the site itself-