P105 -Dress Code Day

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

HEY P105....dress code day is BACK!!!!

it's gonna b more exciting, more casual, ...n colder...*chills...*..hahHAHAhaha

anyway, these r a few suggestions but im probably going to start with the FIRST one...

on 3rd JUly (tues) after 5pm...so dun rush back to ur kitchens 1st..jus stay back a lil's while for a group pic...

for ur info, there's no best-dressed this time bcuz prezzies r EXPENSIVE here...pounds pounds pounds..sowie for tht...hehe..

here u go..

1. hooded jackets/ jumpers day (jocelyn's idea *clap clap*)

2. scarves day

3. traditional clothes day

4. red colour day (fionna's idea)

5. winter hat day (dun worry..only during winter)

erm..i think tht's all for now..

feel free to spill any comments or ideas....all sorts of ideas r welcome....=)

hope to hear from u guys soon k!!

cheers p105~~


khaiyong said...

bikini day~