Tuesday, July 3, 2007

All by myself I stand alone

I love this song =) as it bears so much of a meaning and it requires some thought to it..not all will get what i mean...but it's ok

In each of our journey, there will come a point in time where it's only you and no one else...you would wish that some one would understand, you would wish that some one would stand with you, you would wish that someone would pray with you

but hey it's only gonna be you and no one else...

these are the moments that will define your life...
these are the moments that will literally test you...the pressure so great til you can't breathe

but there's hope =) no one else would understand but God can

His grace will always be sufficient for us

I would say that my moment of such has yet to come but I do know a lil' of what it's like...
for what has been made known to me surpasses the knowledge of one who have yet to been through it

When your time comes, stand strong and reach out above for
your answers are just a prayer away