I have finally arrived!!!

Monday, June 25, 2007

welp! I have finally arrived in Glasgow XD

the full-ness of me has touched down at last!!!!! hahaha

last Saturday was the day when I have finally reached after nearly 2 weeks of being in Scotland =) the whole part of me arrived along ^ ^

as some of you might have read earlier that I was missing home a lot and stuff..to the point of me crying everyday =p *yea yea i know unbelievable and unimaginable* hey even I myself didn't expected that..so I won't blame you for it..haha

but yea...i'm loving the life here...my housemates totally rocks big time..they always cook for me to eat..haha...unfortunately no one is ironing my cloths..sigh ...haha...i hate ironing...worst chore ever!!!

i know i'm gonna love the life here even before i left....and sometimes ppl do misinterpret & associate missing home with the life here must be bad -_- and that's soo not true for me! comon it's fionna tan after all...not matter where it is, fun can never be far awayyy...hehehe

but hey...it's either you get it or you don't...you know it's like..being a part of something for all your life..and when you part physically you kinda grief...although in reference to time it is not going to be forever..and i know that =)

but it's cool...i've got great pals here! making new friends every week...having fun...ahhh life is great!!! hehehe

welp...not to say that I don't miss the ppl anymore..I still do a whole lot =) hehe...can't wait to see them again

Scotland watch out for Fionna Tan has finally arrived!! wheeeeeeeee