Wednesday, June 27, 2007

It's a funny thing when you start to think about the people around you...
When you stop thinking about yourself for awhile

You start to look around and beyond your troubles
You stop worrying so much and start thinking about the wondeful blessings that you have in your life...

It's a funny thing when somebody treats you nice and you know you haven't been very nice yourself
When somebody starts being generous to you and you know you have been kinda stingy lately...

It's true they say that a little good goes a long way...

Coming to a foreign land where the exchange rate sits right at the back of your mind, eating your subconscious thoughts...
When I first came here, all I could think about was the rates, the money, the expenses...
So much so that I forgot what it meant to be generous,
what it meant to give...
I forgot what God has given me and showed me all these while
That it is more blessed to give than to receive

I closed up my world thinking of only myself
Not willing to share nor spread some joy around for I was too caught up with ME

But than someone showed me what it was like to be kind again
She showed me how it felt when you give and treat someone nice
She showed me that it is alright to share and not to always think about yourself
She showed me how little things can brighten up someone's day
Just a simple act of kindness
Just a simple word of love
It's really the small things that makes a difference in someone's life

Little did I know that God used her to show me how wrong I was to think of such
She changed my thinking and caused me to start sharing again
By showing me what it is like to share with someone
And how little things can literally brighten up someone's day, like she did mine

'I'm so sleepy'
'Come I give you chocolate'

Thank You.