Day Out with the Dean

Sunday, June 24, 2007

Someone amiss I never knew

To see in true form than did I know

Oh how much my life was a part

Oh how great a many years spent
To have a great journey recorded

To have a great life lived

- fionna wy tan-

The title says it all...

haha at least most of it =)

welp...last week when i saw my dean -->
Prof Peter Pook

haha no picture of him i just googled it up
I realized that I actually miss him so much...haha well partly also because he's from home and anyone from home that I've known is just so 'homey' to see them again! And I wasn't the only one who felt that way!!! A lot of my other batch mates did too XD We all just felt so at home of them told me that back in IMU when they see him, it's like he' s the dean but here now when they see him it's like he's family =)

so I've decided to go chill out with him on the saturday...missing home too much and too happy to see him haha...and i was suppose to go to loch lomond with my other mates but I picked a cooler choice instead = chilling out with the dean haha

it was cool and totally neat!! kinda a bit like chilling out with my dad or something...hehe...

well we went to the museumS...2 in fact! first one was Charles Rennie Mackintosh (a famous architect and his favorite one) in the museum near Glasgow University (which in fact is a very nice place itself, went there a week before...superb building!! posting up pics later XD, still no mac yet -_-)
than they had all those different types of paintings there...and than the House of Mackintosh, where they literally re-built his house..which was pretty neat. What prof told me was that (and it's true la hehe) he was one of the rare designers as his designs were masculine instead of feminine..he likes to use straight lines and stuff like on the link to check him out...really nice place...unfortunately no pics allowed =)

so after this museum...went to grab a cup of chocolate or was it that we went to another museum first?...haha can't remember la...oh wait...we went to another museum was called the Hunterian Museum named after the anatomist (something like tht la..haha) William Hunter. One thing that I'd realize and what prof told me also was that, last time all these people are really superb la...cause they are anatomist, painters, biologist and all those things..not to mention inventors! all in one...nowadays we only major in one area...haha...who knows probably they don't have a life?..hehe...pulak kena cha *reverting to malaysian slang* say that i'm a spoil brat -_-

ahh this museum I did manage to snap some pictures of it...but lazy to upload pulak...haha...soon I'm gonna post it to flickr and you all can go there and check out the pictures ^^

so after this tired ady...old d we went to grab a cup of hot chocolate and some snack...than we went back to city center buy some stuff and had lunch in john lewis

mmmm...nice lunch haha...chicken ceasar...come to think of it ..i should have snap some pics with him day out..but unfortunately it's just all stored in my memory =) probably next time I'll hire an artist to draw out something that will be etched in my brain forever =)

oh...than quite farneee the fella ..haha...welp...gotta talk to me to get all the farnee stories la...or ask me...haha..can't possibly post up everything here XD although i'm referring a lot of ppl to this still gotta come and talk to me wert..if not nobody talk to me d ..thn i teruk la...haha...although that's hard to imagine...akaka....
mmm...8pm ady...and it's a beautiful weather outside...with the sun's is just simply great!!

oook after all that...we went to grab some desserts from marks & spencers for the night's dinner...cause we (his mentees and ME) cooked for him to eat ^^
we had curry chicken, bak kut teh, salad (made by me...haha...which had = strawberries, iceberg lettuce, some beef, apples, drizzled with honey, some pepper and rosemary herbs; but unfortunately not enuf pepper and honey..hehe), quish, veggies, and dessert!

good dinner =) hehe

extra throw in..since you've been spending your time reading this..haha..
i ate thornton's ice cream which was really really nice!! both of us..sitting down on the stairways outside, where a lot of ppl were chilling there too...and we just chill with the ice-creams ^^ now how cool is tht??!?
simply like of my mates commented that it was like a father and daughter scenario ^^

k la...need to do other serious stuff d XD