walked in the rain

Friday, June 22, 2007

with gray clouds in the sky
the sun far away

we have no choice but thread out in the cool evening breeze
geared up with a red 2006 Fifa World Cup t-shirt (all the way from Germany)

a red & black flower print Billabong shorts

a white with a single red printed strip Fila socks & to top it off with a red Fila sports shoes!

*Talk about standing out in the crowd where everyone's favorite color is black.

we stride our way through
rushing against time
for the forbidden hour of 1800 is the time where our destination submerge
and that would be the fatality of our mission

huff and puff we arrived
just in the nick of time...

now with our mission complete
the extra kgs in our hands,

off we went happily away
but lo and behold the weather changed
to give us a surprise of sprinkling drizzle

on and on we thread back home
but the drizzle turned into rain
with the wind in our face
and the rain soaking into our gears
the breeze soon turned into icy wind

it's not all as bad as it seems
for now we have walked in the rain...

-it was rather an enjoyable walk ^^ cold & wet = fun haha-

heaters are extremely useful as you might have already guessed =)
*used powerpoint and paint to resize the pics ^^ what to do no mac..