4 months and counting :)

Friday, June 8, 2012

It's been 4 months now since the last cycle of chemo, how time just flew us by!

Our first CT scans and blood results were an ALL CLEAR!! Praise the LORD! :D
We have already done the second CT scan and awaiting the results for it.

Pavel is doing tremendously well! His hair is growing back at a tremendous speed now, we're happy to have his hair growing back ;D One look at him today and you won't even notice or know that he had gone through chemo just 4 months ago. God's grace not only enables but empowers too! Our lives have been remarkably touched by the people around us, both near and far.

We've been pretty busy since than! We got our on place now in Prague, sharing the flat with 2 lovely flatmates =) Building up our home bit by bit. Pavel's been busy with his work too as some of the projects are coming to an end. I've started a new job and met some nice people :)

So yea life's still full of challenges as we live it up! And thank God, He is the ever constant to keep us sane!