2nd CT scan updates!

Thursday, June 21, 2012

It was a great relief to know that the 2nd CT scan was better than the first! :D

God's been great!

During the 1st CT scan something small was detected in Pavel's lungs but the doc mentioned that it should just be a residual from the side effects of chemo. So we left it aside and thank God for His peace that really kept our smiles on our faces :)

Life's just so real in a sense knowing the nagging fact that cancer could just strike us back anytime. But His grace is sufficient which has enabled and empowered us through this season of life! I know I keep repeating about God's grace but yea it is the fact that I never grow tired of it, simply because it is what that keeps us going =) I thank God that His grace never grew tired of us too!!

So yup for the 2nd CT scan the small stuff in the lungs were completely gone! YAY! Praise the Lord!!

What a journey life has been for the both of us and His grace never fails to amaze me :)

Our lives has been blessed with amazing people in it!