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Thursday, April 5, 2012

It's been awhile since I updated this place...

A lot has happened which has took up my time :)

We got ourselves a new place to call home now and we're slowly building it.

The frantic rush of getting everything into some order while enjoying each day as it comes by leaves me not much time to write

Really delighted that Pavel is really progressing well :D His hair is growing pretty fast! What used to be a fuzzy head just a few weeks back is now covered with dark seemingly black hair =)

Looking out my squeaking clean window (which was thoroughly cleaned twice!) I see a renaissance style  building which I can never mistaken myself that I'm in Prague. It has been 5 months since we came back to Czech Republic and the 6th month has already begun...time has literally flew us by with all the ongoings.

My life would be able to make a pretty good movie one day :) or maybe a book...

Who would have ever thought that I would have started a newly married life while not even two weeks into in and I'll be fighting cancer at the same time starting a new life in a country where English is not widely used and than building up our first nest altogether!
It's even a  mouthful to say it all in a sentence :)

What a journey it has been!
To have faced a glimpse of the reality of death
To have faced disappointments
To be one of the very few and in fact first among the circle of my friends to fight cancer
To adapt and change at all levels
To once again start from ground zero
To laugh and cry from deep within
To love like there's no tomorrow
To be able to smile each day because of a wonderful man in my life
To experience the amazing grace in my life
Oh what a journey it has been!

And now after all these, here I am eager to start off a new life =) once again!
Excited to build our very first home together with the man who captured my heart and has never stop being amazing :)

God has been awesome to have bless us with this new place where we can build our lives together :)
Although it was a really long and hard search! It was worth it =)

My parents has been really awesome and supportive :D They brought us lots of stuff from home totaling 75kgs! =D
I was close to moving my whole room to Prague ;) but mostly it was food stuff, chinese herbs for Pavel and myself and all the other 101 things that I wanted ;D

Although sometimes I do wish that I would have a different life story but I would never trade it up for any other story than this =)

Will get around posting pictures of our room soon :)

Living My Dreams!