in Prague

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Our journey continues in life =)

Now after 4 months in Czech Republic, we are finally in Prague! =)

Although our temp flat is crappy but it's still the best place with my darling around ;D

Only reason why I'm writting now is that I'm badly sick..just recovered last week and now the bug got the better of me again...totally not used to the weather here just yet...since now we gotta do a lot of walking and all..just reminds me of my Uni life back in Glasgow

Pavel is doing well =D he's just down a bit with sore throat but he's doing good still =) I guess he's immune system is more suited to this environment than mine XD

We are still in the quest of hunting down our semi-permanent flat ..since we're gonna be renting only become 'permanent'when we buy it ;)

There are always a lot of facades in life
Things that we may never comprehend
Things we would always wonder
The questions of why can never be completed
And that's how faith grows
That's how trust builds
Through life with all it's intricacies =)