Lodz, Poland

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Well that's where I am currently in :)

Pavel came here for work and I just tagged along and keep him company ;)

Been quite awhile since I wrote here...as Pavel is well on his way to complete recovery, we both have been quite busy! Pavel with work and me with all sorts of stuff!

Have been occupied with my triops, harvesting their eggs, all of'em died. My last soul survivor survived till about 34 days old I think..so tonnes of eggs now. Just preparing it and getting it ready for sale :D

And than I've also been occupied with flat hunting!! By golly! It's tough when there's lots of things we want :) Important factor is the PRICE! We want to fully maximize it and we were so close! 95% to have our flat! And than it didn't happened due to some reasons...too lazy to elaborate here. So there we go again...have to start from scratch to hunt one down! Now armed with higher expectations!

So yesterday we managed to get hold of a flat! Cause we figured that if we are not in Prague itself, it's HARD to get a hold of the good ones as they go all too fast! So we locked down on one, price is good, location doable..it's pretty old and crappy though the place. But with my magic touch and cleaning it's good for a month ;)

And the other thing we were busy with is also my LTR (Long Term Residence), that way I don't have to go out of the country every 3 months, quite costly to do so here. So this is the cost effective way PLUS I am eligible to work! I am looking forward to it :D New challenges! New people! How exciting! :)