Vacation & updates! =)

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Well first it was the vacation in the mountains than the vacation from blogging and everything else! :)

Last 2 weeks ago we went for a lovely vacation in Krkonose mountains =) weather was perfect! good company! and I even learnt skiing! Pavel has evolved into a pretty good teacher ;D

We went to the Dvur Karlove Zoo, watching animals in the winter is pretty cool :) Although quite a fair bit of animals are hiding and they don't wanna come out! Too cold for them.

I wanted to post up some pictures but apparently Pavel has not uploaded it yet to FB and ...ok just one show how awesome the weather we had ;D
Ain't it amazing? Pity didn't spend much time taking pictures though ..too busy learning how to ski ;) and yup it's pretty fun after all...although I was pretty much afraid that I was gonna kill someone or myself! But I guess skiing is a lot like life...especially ours lately :) Being afraid of the many things to worry about...but if you let it bogue you down, it will! So I decided to take a step of faith, trusting that Pavel would save me anytime (he's a really good skier ;) and I will be alright. I need to trust in myself too that I will be able to do it. And once I got past the fear, I was able to ski and even have some fun! =) I was actually enjoying it :) Just 2 days of learning and I got pretty good at it! haha well not as good to even quality as an amateur but good enough to get compliments to be a fast learner! haha ;) Valentine's Day Oh we had a really nice Valentine's Day :) just the both of us of course ;) A visit to the dentist in the early morning for Pavel - I finally know that he's on a root canal treatment (thanks to my mate/dentist) Than a trip to the hospital for CT scan and blood test - Pavel didn't faint this time round, he did on his first CT scan...he left out - I need to lie down when you jab me or take out canula part ;) After that we had a cuppa of hot chocolate! A really nice best-ever-chocolate-drink-so thick you have to use a spoon to drink it! :D Than we made ourselves a lovely dinner of bramboraky aka potato pancake :) our favorite =) Report Results We got our results back just last Friday and it's an ALL CLEAR!! =D =D And the next checkup will be in 2 months time's gonna last for 5 years these checkups but will gradually decrease over these 5 years and than just anually =) so off to bed!