Cycle 2 Day 15 CNY dinner!

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Day 15 - Chinese New Year dinner! :D

Pavel gave me a surprise dinner idea for CNY!~ He told me on Sunday about it and wanted to surprise the whole setup for me but he needed help with the soup and he has work to do...while now I have all the time in the world ;)

Nonetheless he's such a gem! :D

The whole setup

Relatively simple as we don't have Chinatown in Czech!
One of the few countries who doesn't have it 

This colorful veggie noodles are yummy! :)
champagne of course!

bubbly drinks

Our new rice cooker. We got it as our Christmas present...kinda ironic
cause both of us don't take rice..but it's perfect for steamboat! :D

Desserts to complete the night!

The soup turned out to be really yummy! :D Boiled for about 3 hours with chicken meat and bones, carrots, onions, garlics and chinese herbs :) So happen to still have a packet of Emperor's Chicken herbs lying around ;)

Both parents enjoyed the food too :) We had crabsticks, mushrooms, peking cabbage, pork's heart, prawns, tortelini (since there's no meatballs), smoked salmon, noodles and eggs...nothing like back home though ;)

Tatko (Dad in Czech) called the neighbours and greeted them happy chinese new year and teased them to come over. They said no but turned up later and wanted to try :) We kept everything already and was suppose to have it for the next day's lunch, as the soup is now super yummy! But they're nice so we gave it to them ;) They really enjoyed it :) Both husband and wife travels quite a fair bit so they're a bit more adventurous than the average Czech ;)