Cycle 2 Day 16 - pancakes and triops!

Friday, January 27, 2012

We made pancakes for dinner! :D

Was a good recipe too =) I used wholemeal flour and buckwheat flour for it :) ps feel free to ask for the recipe ;) too lazy to type it out now

My 1st birthday present! :D The triops have hatched! :D It takes about 48 hours for this tiny little creatures  to hatch..and now you can see that little speck of light brownish color near the marimo ball :D So cute! :D

It's really fun to watch them swimming around :)

My tank setup is complete :D
We hope to breed them and sell the eggs :D These are really fun pets to have! :)

So what are they?
They're basically small little fresh water crustaceans that have been around for about 300 million years! Basically a living fossil ;D

They are also known as tadpole shrimp :) Kinda look like a horseshoe crab ;)

The full name of my species = Triops longicaudatus

They grow up to about 6cm in captivity but in the wild they would reach 11cm, not so small after all :)

You can witness the whole life cycle as they usually live about 30 - 40 days and before they die they would lay dozens of eggs first.

So I'll be posting the progress of my little triops as they grow bigger! :D Here's a video on them :)

I'm writing less about Pavel's case now because he's getting better! So not much to write on apart from the usual tiredness and aches....oh and I think the chemo leaked during the infusion because on his left arm there's a darker streak along his vein..and it's painful to touch now...would need to look it up