Cycle 2: Day 14

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Day 14 (monday)

Today is his last round of bleo! :D

All chemo drugs are finally over! :D
Today is also the first day of Chinese New Year :)

I kinda miss the buzz of Chinese New Year...first time in my 26 years of life that I'm not busy for CNY..there's a lot of first things in life this season ;)
And for that my amazing darling suggested yesterday that we can celebrate our own Chinese New Year! :D We will make steamboat :)
What a gem eh?! He actually wanted to give me a real surprise with the whole thing but than again I have the extra time since I'm not working and he is :)

well after the infusion we went and did a blood test as well cause Pavel needs to go to the dentist..blood result was out in mere 10mins :D
And his results are looking good! =D

Blood test:
Before Cycle 1 - Leucocyte 5.0; Erythrocytes 5.39; hemoglobin 145; thrombocytes 210
After Cycle 1 - Leu 5.6; Ery 5.14; Hb 137; Tr 180
After near completion of Cycle 2 (taken on Day 14) - Leu 4.9; Ery 4.9; Hb 139; Tr 193

So he's cleared to get his tooth out :)

Oh today was awesome cause we went to a really nice fish shop!! Both of us have turned fish fanatics..well not nearly there yet at just looking up and studying :) Our new hobby since back in KL is in fishies and this summer we are gonna start fly-fishing!! so cool =D

This fish shop that we went to is really nice! :D Pavel bought me a marimo ball, drift wood & white sand! These are for my triops bowl! :D It's now waiting to hatch!! More about triops later on ;D

This is the current setup for now...just waiting for it to hatch and than place my driftwood and shells in it :D

Oh we had to rush home from the fish shop cause the side effects came earlier than predicted...usually it hits around 4-5pm but this time just 1 hour after the infusion it kicked's due to the walk, as we were walking I guess things kicked up faster..

It's quite funny actually...Pavel forgot his beanie so he was wearing's a good thing it's white but it's knitted type :D so in the car, he's driving with heater full blast, beanie on his head and he was still chattering!! Poor guy XD
His front tooth was painful due to the I gave him a packet of tissue to bite on...