Cycle 2 Day 11 - 13

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Day 11

Traveling day! :)
Pavel had a meeting in another town called Plzen, so we left in the morning about 7.
Was still in consideration the night before as he wasn't feeling so well and there's a problem with his tooth. We think that he needs an extraction, so we would have to talk to our onco and see how things are.

It was an interesting day indeed! We took the train to Prague from Zabreh, about 2 hours. And Prague to Plzen about 1 and a half hours. Our journey from Prague to Plzen took us about 4 hours instead...a suicide occured...

Well apart from that, all went well :)

We stayed a night in Prague at a friend's place and it was a good time chatting up with Pavel's old uni mates :)

Day 12

Time to head back home :)

Pavel's tooth is still aching and while coming down from the train, he knocked his tooth. And it was really really painful for him...he was literally shaking from the pain. Popped in ibuprofen but it didn't help and he wanted to pop in more...I told him that we need to go to the pharmacy instead, to get something stronger...cause I could see it from his face that it was really bad.

The pharmacist recommended him naproxen, so we got that and he popped it in. The water helped as it cooled the tooth down as well. Naproxen works really well for him, so it's good. =)

We had a good journey back home and discussed about our future plans and ideas for business :)

oooo and I already have lots of nice presents from my darling! Birthday presents! :D

Day 13

Pavel's quite tired today from the traveling. He gets tired quite he's already fast asleep now as I type this :) It is good that he is sleeping and able to sleep. Had a bit of a temperature but now he's alright =)

He's drinking lots of fluids and it is helping him to recover.

I was doing some research on BEP regimen and optimizing his treatment with additional supplements. So far 'there's nothing concrete out there...and not much research has been done too. One day, I do hope to fund ongoing researches on complimentary and intergrative medicine. I do believe in chinese medicines, simply because it works and a lot of research by the chinese have been done. I think there is hope in it. =)

Tomorrow is our last day with bleomycin :) Just another 8 more days to complete!