what is fionna up to???

Thursday, July 17, 2008

well maintaining 2 blogs is certainly not easy!!!!!

i've just decided to relaunch my other blog
$tudney =D


so I'm pumping up that site and at the same time...getting my flight tickets sorted out..and alas today everything is all done up!!! thank God *phew!*

and at the same time..I'm also re-connecting with all the people which I haven't had the chance to connect with for the past 6months!! yea...for the first half of the year I was in another world ^^

so much things to catch up...
than I've got to think about some business proposals...currently working on 2-3 of them...pray that all goes well and it will just hit off =)

I've really been lagging on my book reading as well!!! Haven't even finish 1 single book since the last 6months!!!

ooo..I'm back into my workout routines =D
decided to incorporate swimming into my workout...as one of my buddies reasoning was logical enough for me to get me swimming again XD

rights so what kinda flight tickets was I bothering myself with?
24th Aug: Fionna Tan steps into Czech
hoping to have a road trip to Western Europe incorporated in
gonna be seeing my Czech buddies again =D

19th Sept: Fionna Tan steps into Brazil
after years!!!! I'm seeing my Brazilian buddy again =D

14th Oct: Back to Prague

16th Oct: Back to Glasgow via Edinburgh

20th Oct: Back to HOME = Kuala Lumpur

25th Oct: Fionna Tan steps into Bali
wheeeeeeeee family vacation!!!!!! with mum, dad, ryan & sharon, ron & MEEEeeeee
after one year plus of not seeing my siblings!!!!!!!!!

Nov: Fionna Tan is back in KL proper and plans to throw a welcome back party =D
so all of you whom I haven't seen since I left KL, do make your way to my home...will announce which Friday =)
if you're traveling from out of KL feel free to stay at my place ^^
just bring food and drinks and presents!!! hahaha
lazy to prepare food la me XD

plus imagine this...i'm loving my mac..but it's been a year now and i still haven't got enough time to mess around with it!!! XD

time is flying pass by really quick...first it was sunday and now it's thursday!!!

oh yea not to mention i've got Gigs of photos to sort out!! look up my facebook for pictures ^^