in glasgow

Monday, July 7, 2008

heya peeepss!!!!

been quite a good whole while!! Can't even remember the last time..i sat in front of my laptop and just doing my stuff...loads of stuff to sort out!!

first off

wheeee i got my sorta new phone: HTC TYTNN ^^ (dad got the touch diamond XD and I was talking to him about it a day before and the next day he bought it with Ryan!!)

I'll be in Glasgow till August

Sept will be off to Czech and a few western european coutries than Brazil!!! all in all 40days!! wheeeee!!

End of Oct FAMILY VACATION in Bali!!! wheeeeeeeee
Nov start work Wheeeee (hopefully hahaha)

oh wait Nov...Fionna Tan's welcome back party!!! wheeeeeeee
than work wheeeeee

God is good!!!

check my facebook profile for pictures =D

haven't upload my Oslo and Mallorca pictures like 600plus pictures each!! and more for Oslo!! haha...

I'm gonna sell my prints soon ^^

need to get back to my workout off to the gym sooon ^^