Thursday, July 24, 2008

it's 23:49 and I'm yawning!!! my eyes are getting heavier tooo XD

man! my body clock has once again change thanks to the house that I'm staying in ^^ which is also fattening me up =p min 3 meals a day!~

ahh but life is awesome!! ^^

i actually thought today was Tuesday!! but it turned out to be Wednesday XD got my days messed up..can't blame me for being too busy haha

taking my own sweet time to fiddle with things =p

ahh but i've been busy as well =p
watching movies
reading books
alright the more serious side of my busy-ness ^^
running up ideas for my business proposalss XD
maintaining my relaunched website of $tudney:
networking ..connecting
minor trading
emailing all the important people
sleeping haha...I get my 9hours of sleep if not more =p (no wonder my time passes so fast..sheeze!)
oh yea..working out!! can't possibly not work out with more than 3 meals a day!!

ahh but the house i'm living is awesome ^^
great people with great food (at least most of the time hahaha) what more? *grins*

the clock is working against my new phase of life eagerly approaches at 200kmph

as much as i'm enjoying my life now...I can't wait for the next phase

my tagline in Glasgow still remains...learning growing journeying
let's see what's in my laptop ...oh yea..graduation photo ^^

yea my hair has gone really long....yet to cut it since January ^^
plan to cut it in Czech..that would be like my top to do when I arrive =D
so just another 5 more weeks and bye bye hair haha...i'm gonna go bald!~


Anonymous said...

LOL...go bald?
for real???

Fionna Tan said...

hah! of course not la

only time I'll go bald is when one of my close buddies needs to be bald than I'll accompany them and go bald ^^

eh anyway...go check out n the facebook page =)

Anonymous said...

Am already a fan of ur studney...ehehe...i added the link in MPharm IMU-strathclyde facebook group also...

Fionna Tan said...

cool danke! haha