rhyming pimping

Monday, May 12, 2008

a shot from island of cumbrae

Gibberish perish fish
Trying to rhyme and mime
May not be the ideal plan
Not the slang in which I rhyme

Pure simple words
Pure simple thoughts
Uncluttering my mind
Emptying my thoughts

How easy life was
How simple it was meant to be
But it is still simple
It is still easy

Living on the high road
Living on the edge
Carefree and without worries
I was meant to be

Maybe there is something bigger
I knew it all along
But not just yet
But not just...

Putting down on paper
Placing for my eyes to read
Makes it less of a hassle
To store it all in the massive maze

3 millions years of data storage
Have you ever got lost?
Not in the living sense it is possible
Drifting into the unknown yet somehow it is known

Life with all its intricacies
Life with all its details
Syphoning yet storing
Once again

Once again I come to the conclusion
It is not meant to be
That is the right question.